Homework 3

A Simple Financial Calculator

Implement the Simple Financial Calculator described by means of the UML Activity Diagram in the lecture slides. Use Visual Studio and VBA. Assume a non-malicious user, i.e., somebody that will use the system as specified without trying to break it.

  • REQUIREMENT: format your output professionally. For example: 12350.6543467771 is not formatted well. By contrast, $12,350.65 is.
  • REQUIREMENT: this functionality is activated by a button on the screen. Later on we will learn how to fire our processes from the Ribbon.
  • REQUIREMENT: the program must run as described in the UML diagram. In particular, pay attention to the default values of the user choices (e.g., yes/no).

Hints / Suggestions

This vLab describes how to do H3 step-by-step. The vLab is rather long, because it is tailored to beginners. Skip it if you know VBA already.

Sometimes the vLabs leave some part for you to complete, and sometimes the homework text has additional or different requirements. Read the instructions. Do not follow the vLab blindly! There are very many ways to do H3. Your own coding style may be just as good as what you see in the vLab, or even better. The most important requirement is that your app works and satisfies the requirements.

You do not have to follow the video in creating the captions of the buttons and the dialogues with your calculator. Feel free to have some fun and give it a personality! Make it grumpy, or peppy, or.... anything you like.

This vLab is significantly longer than the previous. Give yourself plenty of time.