What you will learn:
cool ideas, useful tools

To be an active participant in the DI arena you need to know not only the the key concepts and ideas, but also - and more importantly - how to think about innovation like a manager.

Digital innovation and your next job

Companies seek to hire and promote digitally savvy analysts and consultants who can help them becoming more successful through the use of innovative digital technologies. The class is a way to get you a career edge in this.

Work to do: Schedule and Assignments

This course is offered in the J-term 2021, M-F 9-11 and 1-3. The class awards 3 credits. Assignments, grading, and policies.

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Enthusiastic faculty and Executive On Grounds

The course is taught by Stefano Grazioli and may include as a special guest Dan Elron, our Executive On Grounds. Dan is Accenture's Managing Director for Strategy, Innovation and Technology and travels the world advising clients on digital innovation.