What you will learn:
cool ideas, useful tools

To be an active participant in the DI arena you need to know: 1) the lingo: the key concepts and ideas, 2) the capabilities of emerging technologies: what they are, and how they are used outside the labs, and 3) the techniques to create practical innovations that generate business value.

The global innovation ecosystem

Digital innovation is a global phenomenon. Skype was invented in Estonia, Spotify in Sweden, Alibaba in China, and Waze in Israel. We will invite global virtual virtual guests to participate in our conversations and share with us what is new in digital.

Schedule and learning materials

Comm 4250 is taught in the Spring Semester, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 to 5:00 in RRH 225. The class awards 3 credits and counts for the IT concentration. Grading and policies.

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Enthusiastic faculty and Executive On Grounds

The class is taught by Ryan Nelson, Stefano Grazioli, and Dan Elron, our Executive On Grounds. Dan travels the world advising clients on digital strategies as Accenture's Managing Director for Strategy, Innovation and Technology.