Class learning objectives

Cool concepts, practical tools, hands-on exposure to digital innovation


What is digital innovation?

Digital Innovation (DI) is a change in process, product, or business model that is enabled by information technology. Companies like Google, Netflix, Uber, Tesla, Salesforce, Facebook, and Amazon are awesome examples of business success driven by digital innovation. DI has created entirely new products (e.g., the iPhone), and new ways to buy and sell goods (e.g.,  Amazon).

However, DI is not limited to these "digital natives."  In fact, it is hard to think of an industry that has not been affected by DI.  Digital innovation has undermined the business models of traditional industries (newspapers, film photography, and broadcast TV, for example), created new opportunities for traditional companies (e.g., Hilton) and has changed the lives of billions of people by connecting them to businesses and to each other at unprecedented intensity and speed.

What will I learn?

Through a combination of discussions, guest lectures, activities and workshops, you will learn about the top ten emerging technologies and how to turn them into working digital innovations that create and capture business value

Example top ten technologies that we may cover:

 IoT  * Robots & Drones  *  3D printing  *  Natural language agents  *  AR/VR  *  Blockchain
  *  Platforms & network effects  *  Autonomous vehicles
AI * Machine learning * Neural Nets * Robotic Process Automation * Quantum Computing

In addition, you will work in a small team and learn a variation of design thinking called "Sprint." The Sprint method is designed to help teams to solve business problems creatively, and it was recently developed by researchers at Google Ventures, which is the venture capital investment arm of Alphabet Inc. Below see a few clickable examples of the technologies that you could explore in your sprint:


Learn to program a Jibo robot to do new tasks.

Internet of things

Create a new smart, connected product.


Design a new app and a prototype interface.