DI Videos


Each team is responsible for delivering a video describing an exciting digital innovation implemented at their assigned company.  The objective of the video is to illustrate the innovation, how it works, and its business value. Your video can include segments downloaded from the web, pics, screen recordings (e.g., create a PowerPoint animation and record it for inclusion in your video), as well as recordings of your team members.

Length: about 5 minutes.
Audience: the Comm4250 class.
Audio track: feel free to overlay your voices and your soundtracks to whatever audio the original video has.
Sources: recognize your sources. Overlay text at the end of the video.
Hint: you do not have to offer a comprehensive survey of all the innovations that your company has to offer. Focus on the coolest one. Wow us.


Before class, test the equipment. Make sure that the video shows and that the audio works.

In class, each team will briefly introduce themselves and the company.  What does the company do? To whom do they sell it? How big are they? Are they successful? Give us just enough context so that the innovation makes sense. After that, focus on the innovation. What is it? How does it work? Who are the users/customers? How does it produce value for the company? Finally, lead a 10-minute conversation about what we saw. We expect you to be well-informed about the innovation, but you do not need to know everything about the company.  Extra kudos for connecting the video to the concepts discussed in class. However, if the connection is not there or is not particularly insightful, do not force it.