DI and your next job

Why is this important to me?


This is an incredibly exciting time to start a career in business. More and more organizations have realized that the trend toward digitization is not going to stop anytime soon and are striving to become more digital. In other words, they are looking at information technology as a source of innovation for delivering better products, better services, more intimate customer relationships, improved decision making, and more efficient operations.
As a result, these organizations need analysts, consultants, and managers who understand the possibilities of the new technologies and lead them into their digital future.

What is the difference between an entrepreneurship course and a digital innovation course?

The two are complementary.  Entrepreneurship is a broader concept that focuses on starting businesses (digitally innovative or not), and includes concepts such as market strategy, securing capital and personnel, writing business plans, etc.  Digital innovation focuses on using emerging digital technologies to create new products, services, and business models.  In other words, this class is not only for those who want to start their own businesses; rather, it is designed for making you a better participant in the digital innovation initiatives that are brewing at your next job.