DI Presentations

The Sprint Presentation

The sprint presentation is a powerpoint presentation 15-20 minutes long + 5-10 minutes of Q&A.  The goal of the presentation is to brief the audience about your Sprint.  The audience is your classmates and the faculty: in other words, we are not pretending to be somebody that we are not. We are people genuinely interested in your digital innovation and what you learned through your Sprint.

The following bullets might give you an idea of how to structure your presentation. Do not treat the list below as a sequence of boxes to check (be guided, but not constrained).  These bullets are a way to give you an idea of what we are looking for. Feel free to cover some briefly, while expanding on others.

Begin by telling the story of the sprint. Keep it conversational and fluid (but not sloppy or unrehearsed).

  • Tell us how you got the initial big bold idea (Monday), and your sprint questions.  Show us the map of the process, what you learned from the experts and the target that you picked.  Feel free to use the original Trello materials or to redesign them for the powerpoint.
  • Then tell us briefly about the alternative solution sketches, and how you converged to a solution (Tuesday and Wednesday).
  • Next, show us the prototype that you built (Thursday) and describe how it works.
  • Describe the test. Who were the subjects? What did they do? Where? Etc. Include pics and video if useful.
  • Describe the results. What was your analysis of the experiment? What worked and what did not work? What have you learned that you did not know before?  What was surprising, if anything?  Include pics and video if useful.
  • Do you feel that you answered at least some of the sprint questions from Monday?
  • Finally, put on your “business hat.” Do you think that this is a viable business idea? We are not looking for a fully detailed business case, just a conversation covering the main elements of a BMC (who would be the customer? How would you sell it? How would you capture value? How would you implement it? Etc.).

Be authentic in your storytelling. Do not portray something as a great success if it was not. Tell us a good story and what you have learned about the process of digital innovation.  Maybe you still believe that the fundamental idea is good even if the particular way you chose to implement it was not fully successful. Would you recommend to do another sprint? If so, why and how?

The Callback

The Callback is 10-15 minutes long. Within 48 hours from the presentation we will email you a list of questions that we felt were not answered in sufficient detail during the Sprint presentation, and that we would like you to explore in more depth. Answering these questions might involve doing additional research.
The callback is a continuation of the conversation started one week before. During the callback, briefly remind the class about your digital innovation, and then present the questions and your answers.  The callback is as important as the original presentation. The overall delivery style should be a little more formal. We expect clear answers and strong evidence to support them.

We look forward to your presentations!