Assigned readings

The assigned readings for each class are listed in the schedule.


We will use Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days (2016), by Knapp et al. Order it from Amazon.

How to download the digital readings

  • The pdfs for the Harvard Business Review readings can be downloaded from the UVA library. Connecting from outside RRH might require a VPN.
  • The pdfs for the MIT Sloan Management Review can be downloaded by subscribing to the Review (note: three downloads per month are free)
  • The pdfs from Gartner can be retrieved from here. Domain\username: mcintire\youruserid + Password: yourMcIntirepassword

How to prepare for class

In class you may be asked (cold called): Who wrote it? Who is he/she? In 30 seconds or less, what are the key ideas/concepts (e.g., 'long tail', 'disruption')? what is your opinion on these ideas? Why? You will be allowed to look at your notes when answering these questions. You cannot use somebody else notes. You need to do your own preparation. Bottom line: read before coming to class.