Assigned readings

The assigned readings for each class are listed in the schedule.

Required Textbook

"Sprint: How to Solve Big Problems and Test New Ideas in Just Five Days (2016)", by Knapp et al. Order it online, e.g., from Amazon.

How to download the digital readings

  • The pdfs for the Harvard Business Review (HBR) readings can be downloaded from the UVA library. Connecting from outside RRH might require a VPN.
  • The pdfs MIT Sloan Management Review are accessed via the EBSCO Host Electronic Journals Service (EJS) link.  In "Your Access", click on "Available on Publisher's Site: 1980- 2018".
  • The pdfs from Gartner can be retrieved from here. Domain\username: mcintire\yourMcIntireUserid + Password: yourMcIntirepassword

How to prepare for class

In class you may be asked (cold called): Who wrote it? In 30 seconds or less, what are the key ideas/concepts (e.g., 'long tail', 'disruption')? What is your opinion on these ideas? You will be allowed to look at your notes when answering these questions. Bottom line: read before coming to class.

Occasionally, we will have a miniquiz: a couple of simple questions on the readings, to be answered in writing.