Course objectives

Experiential learning and skill acquisition

Information technology is an essential ingredient for success in the fast-paced financial industry. GComm7720 is designed to give you a competitive advantage in your next job by providing you with hands-on experience with coding, and thus a deeper understanding of the role of IT in finance.

Specifically, you will develop a robotrader that manages a $50mil online portfolio of stock and options, and hedges financial risk in real-time settings. By participating in the yearly McIntire Hedge Tournament, you will be able to tell to your employer an exciting story about how you and your team designed and developed technologies to solve a challenging business problem.

While the Tournament is an exciting endeavor by itself, it is also a means to achieve broader educational goals. GComm7720 teaches you how to use Information Technology to automate and support decision making in Finance. Taking this class will help you to (1) think computationally,  i.e., understand in concrete and specific terms how information technology solves business problems, and (2) develop hands-on skills in current and widely-used tools for business intelligence, financial engineering, and process automation.


The Tournament

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