Spartan Trader 10

The Smart Hedger: Sim, Synch, and Auto.

The last installment of the Smart Hedger provides three types of functionality: 1) Simulation ("Sim"):  the Smart Hedger applies the decision making algorithm automatically to an existing data set; 2) Synchronization ("Synch"): the Smart Hedger synchronizes with a running electronic market and provides recommendation support to a human trader, and 3) Automation ("Auto"):  the Smart Hedger fully replaces the human trader,

As before, this homework is cumulative.  Feel free to personalize. This last homework is the basis for participating to the Hedge Tournament.  The code provided in files and video is offered to you 'as-is'.  You are fully responsible for testing and for your trading performance.  Also, a grade of 5 in the homework does not guarantee accuracy of computation in all respects.

This vLab shows a demo and comments extensively on the code.  To help you with the typing, I provide here a portion of the code.

Note: "SecondsCell" is the merged group of cells on the screen where the seconds appear.  You need to assign that name to the cells on the screen.