Spartan Trader - part 2

Computing financial metrics using Excel and SQL

This homework builds the foundations for the Spartan Trader, the trading workstation that you will use for the Hedge Tournament. It computes financial metrics using data stored in several different tables  and databases in our SQL server.   These metrics are: 1) TPVatStart, 2) the current mark-to-market (MTM) value of both IP and AP, and 3) the MTM value of all the individual positions in the portfolio based on current prices.

This homework is cumulative, which means that it needs to do everything that the previous homework did, plus the new functionality.

This vLab contains a demo and shows examples, but not the whole homework. This file contains some code, so that you do not have to type the whole thing.  Feel free to change code, variable names, labels, colors, fonts, and positioning of the controls. Provided that the Spartan Trader that you submit produces all the financial information that is needed, the specifics are up to you.