Spartan Trader 5

Portfolio Synch and Edits

This installment of the Spartan Trader integrates the execution of stock transactions with your portfolio. This homework is cumulative, which means that it needs to do everything that the previous homework did, plus the new functionality.

This lab shows a demo and comments on the code.  This is the code - to save you some typing. This is the pic.  The Spartan trader needs to be able to (1) sync the execution of stock transactions with the portfolio (APs), so that the execution of transactions is reflected in the APs, both on the screen and in the remote database, (2) edit the portfolio in the remote database, and (3) calculate and show the margin after the transaction. The specifics are up to you.

Note:  Several students reported that their Spartan trader occasionally stops working.  This is often due to errors introduced by other students in the portfolio team table 30 (e.g., deleting the Capital Account from the portfolio or misspelling 'CAccount').  Change the database and see if the error persists if you go to Alpha from Beta or vice versa.   That will be a strong diagnostic. Try to reset the portfolio using the button in the ribbon. The best solution is getting your own TeamId, i.e. your own portfolio table.

Note: a comment in UpdatePosition should say "Call", not "Put".  However, this has no impact on code functionality.