Homework 1

'Click me!'

Using Visual Studio (VS), create a simple EXCEL app. Watch this virtual lab (vLab).
Requirements: the button must be green and read "Click me!". The greeting reads "Hello [yourname]!"
When done, zip the homework and upload it using MyCommSite.

Note: yes, this first app is rather simple. Do not miss the real goal of this assignment, which is to get you started with the labs, using Visual Studio, and the myCommSite. I cannot start teaching the most interesting part of the class until everybody has a good grasp of the tools. If you encounter any difficulty, contact me: email grazioli@virginia.edu is the best way. We will find a way to get you going quickly.

Hints and Tips:

  • I recorded the video with a previous version of VS and Excel. Do not let minor differences stop you. Use the latest version of VS and Excel that you have available on your computer.
  • The example in the video is close, but not the exact solution.
  • If you 'lose' a window in Visual studio, you can always click the "Window : Reset Window Layout" menu.
  • Remember where you save the project. It is easy to forget, and VS does not like to change the position of a project once it has been set.
  • Make sure you save all AND exit VS before zipping and uploading.
  • If you try to develop a project on your S or R drive, the program may not work correctly. As a fix, open a new project in the default location suggested by VS.
  • Sometimes your computer does not show file extensions (e.g., .zip). To see them, do the following: 1) in windows, open the folder and click the tab “view”, then unclick “hide extensions for known file types." The extensions will now be visible.