Homework 7

Google short term trading data

In class we introduced a scenario in which you play the part of a financial analyst who must examine financial data to answer a business question. Unfortunately, the data that is given to you has some quality issues. This homework has two parts. The first part (here) is designed to show you an example of data cleaning (phone numbers and dates missing or not consistently formatted). The second part (next homework) will focus on answering the business question asked in the scenario. Refer to the class slides and in particular the activity diagram to create an Excel app to help you to do your task quickly. The vLab may also help.

The financial data is here (right click and save as...)

Data Dictionary (column + definition)

A Last name
B First Name
C Phone number
D Date of birth
E Customer ID
F Qty bought and sold
G Date bought
H Price at purchase
I Date sold
J Selling price


VS has a known bug. The buttons in the exercise sometimes do not appear/disappear as they should. Do not worry about it.