Homework 8

Google short term trading data

Complete the task initiated with the previous homework. Automate the calculation of the daily Cagr for each of the transactions in the log, and then compute the average of these Cagrs.

All parts of the previous homework must be working correctly.
All Cagrs are presented as percentages - format accordingly, with 3 decimals (code is "P3").
Negative and zero Cagrs are rendered in red ink.
The average can be presented either with a message box, or posted at the end of the data, with a descriptive label (e.g., "Average daily Cagr is 6.340%").

Refer to the class slides and in particular the activity diagram to create an Excel app to help you to do your task. The vLab is here.  The lab does not show how to compute the daily Cagr.  The formula is =((End Value/Start Value)^(1/days)) -1

NOTE: it appears that some versions of VS have a bug: despite using the "P3" code, only 2 decimals are shown.  Do not worry. You will not be penalized for that. Alternatively you might want to use Columns("L").NumberFormat = "0.000%"