Homework 9

Business Intelligence at SmallBank

This homework is designed to show you how you can automate the gathering of business data from a remote database and show the data in Excel.

Welcome back at SmallBank! Your boss has just informed you that part of your job will be to create weekly updated lists of LOANS, organized by state. Modify the app shown in this vLab so that pressing a button labeled "Get VA Loans" causes Excel to show all the available info on all the loans to customers who live in VA. This includes showing all columns from the loan table, plus the CID and first and last name of the customer. OK to show the same loan more than once if it has multiple borrowers.

Then, add another button labeled "Get TX Loans" which shows the same data from customers who live in TX in a separate listobject.  Make sure that the buttons do not interfere with the listobjects, causing errors or partially occluding data.