Bugs and Patches Board

4/15 - Found a bug that causes overflow crashes when the available cash is large and the ask price is very small.
Patch: replace all occurrences of "Dim maxShort As Integer"  with "Dim maxShort As Double"

4/15 - When the IPs change, you might need to change your scheduled transactions accordingly.  Else you might try to cash divs when you have no stock (a qty=0 error).

4/17 Posted a vLab on how to identify and diagnose incorrect transactions.

4/24 To eliminate those annoying "qty = 0" messages due to trying to cash divs when you do not have a stock, use an IF statement to check for qty.  Follow this example:
                Case "5/10/2017"
                Dim qty = GetCurrentPosition("XOM")
                If qty <> 0 Then
                    ExecuteScheduledTransaction("CashDiv", "XOM", qty, targetDate)
                End If