The best way to learn about the course: attend a live information session

The Comm School offers two info sessions in September (dates will be listed here).  Alternatively, UVA’s Fall Study Abroad Fair will open its doors in Newcomb Hall.
Missed them both? The last deck used in the info sessions is here.  This is the syllabus for the course.

I want in. How do I enroll?

Visit the ISO site and complete the Education Abroad Workshop. Finally, fill the program application before the deadline - at the very beginning of October.

What is a "Practicum"?

A practicum is a course that focuses on the experience of doing something, rather than reading or being told about it.  In this course you will assume the role of an IT consultant in an international context. Working in a team, you will propose solutions to real-world challenges experienced by winemaking companies in Mendoza, Argentina.  Winemaking is a global business that fuels worldwide exports. You and your team will analyze problems, identify goals and requirements, evaluate alternative solutions, and present recommendations to real clients.  Not sure if you are ready for it?  No worries! Faculty, staff, and your peers are there to help you if needed.

Class at AltaVista

The primary goal of the course is to develop your intercultural consulting competence.  In plainer words, this is an appreciation of the differences in business practices in different parts of the world, plus an ability to successfully cope with these differences. We believe that there is no better way to gain authentic insights into the cultural and business differences between the US and other countries than to live for a period of time in a foreign city and work with local companies. The experience will also be an excellent opportunity to deepen your understanding of business and IT concepts by applying them to specific situations.

Can I take this course?

  • All COMM students can take the course.  COMM4293 counts towards (1) the IT concentration, (2) the Global Commerce Track, and (3) and as a McIntire elective.
  • Engineering Students: see the requirements for the cross-listed SYS 2054/3054.
  • Every year we also take a few students from other Schools, or the college.

Most teams will be composed of an equal number of Engineers and Comm students.  A diverse set of skills is necessary to form strong teams.  Knowledge of Spanish is desirable but not required.  We welcome all UVA students who have a desire to practice their Spanish language skills in both business and social settings.

How much does it cost?

the ISO site also includes detailed cost and logistics information.  They change year to year, so get the latest info.

Who do I talk to if I have a few questions?

Contact Prof. Grazioli at - otherwise, I will see you for the individual interview.

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