DI Class Schedule

Thu. Jan. 18th [Deck] - Intro to the DI class and its activities - Team Formation

  • If you have not filled the team formation form in class, do it now and email to grazioli@virginia.edu

Tue. Jan. 23rd - Tools to understand DI

  • Watch: How to design, test and build business models canvasses (BMCs). Osterwalder
    In class, you might be asked to 1) explain what the components of a BMC are; 2) apply them to a specific business case.
  • Read: Moore, G. A. (2004). Darwin and the Demon: Innovating Within Established Enterprises. HBR Jul-Aug. In the class DigiLibrary (a box folder).
    Find here ways to access the readings if you cannot get to the Digilibrary. Email grazioli@virginia.edu if that does not work either.
    In class you may be asked to: 1) explain the phases of innovation, (e.g., the chasm); 2) give your own examples of each phase; 3) explain what the demon is, and 4) how do you fight it.

Thu. Jan. 25th - The Internet of things

  • Watch: The connected home
    1) What IoT technology was your favorite? Do you think it will catch up in the mass market? Why? 2) What some of the challenges for these products to success? Hint: the McKinsey report might help you answering these.
  • Watch:  The industrial internet
    Keep into account that this is a commercial video. 1) What is Predix? Explain in simple, clear terms. 2) Why is that a big deal?
  • Read: McKinsey (2015). IoT Mapping the value beyond the hype. It is in the class DigiLibrary
    Read the Executive summary and two of the nine IoT settings. Pick two settings that interest you. Skim the rest. 1) Describe a use case of IoT in these settings; 2) identify current challenges.
  • Think about a couple of good questions for Ms. Rachel Trombetta, our guest form GE, and an expert in IoT.  Look her up in Linkedin. Google GE and IoT. Relate to the readings.

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