Class Schedule

Thu. Jan 19th: Intro to the Class [Deck]
  ● Introduction to the class and its activities. Team formation.

Tue. Jan 24th: Digital Innovation Why and What? [Deck]
  ● Read: Moore, G. A. (2004). Darwin and the Demon: Innovating Within Established Enterprises. HBR Jul-Aug
  ● Read: The Scary Truth About Corporate Survival, HBR Dec 2016
  ● Learn: where to get the digital readings.
  ● Skim: the 'Monday' chapters in the sprint textbook.

Thu. Jan 26th: Business Model Canvas [Deck]
  ● Watch: Osterwalder How to design, test and build business models
  ● Skim: Business Model Generation preview
  ● Prepare for guest speaker: Paul Holland’s bio
  ● Watch: Trailer for the movie “Something Ventured”

Tue. Jan 31st: DI and BMC [Deck]
  ● Read: Etsy AS-IS BMC
  ● Read: Etsy Digital Innovation and come to class with a recommendation on the Etsy Bespoke initiative
  ● DI Video: Disney / Magic bands (nothing to prepare if you are not the presenter)

Thu. Feb 2nd: Value capture [Deck]
  ● Read: Michael, S. (2014). Capture more value. HBR Dec.
  ● Fill: BMC for Google (the search engine)
  ● Due: fill the "Monday" Sprint board. New due date: Tue, Feb. 7th
  ● DI Video: Monsanto (Johnston/Xie)

Tue. Feb 7th: The Gartner's Hype Cycle [Deck]
  ● Read: Gartner (2017). 'Understanding Gartner's hype cycle'.  The pdfs from Gartner can be retrieved from here (Domain\username: mcintire\youruserid + Password: yourMcIntirepassword; after logging in, enter “understanding Gartner's hype cycles" in the search field). Let Prof Nelson know if you have any trouble accessing the site.
  ● DI Video: Taco Bell
  ● Due: fill the "Monday" Sprint board.

Thu. Feb 9th [Deck]
  ● Prepare for the virtual guest speaker: Tarek Pertew’s bio; Uncubed website. 
  ● Read: McAfee (2011).  What every CEO needs to know about the cloud. HBR Nov. New database. Try here
  ● DI Video: Amazon drones

Tue. Feb 14th [Deck]
  ● DI Video: Bang & Olufsen
  ● Read: Porter, M., Heppelmann J. (2015). How smart connected products are transforming companies. Harvard Business Review

Thu. Feb 16th [Deck]
  ● DI Video: Ge/IoT

  ● Read: McKinsey (2015). IoT Mapping the value beyond the hype.  Read the Exec Summary and one of the application sections  (pp. 35-95).

Tue. Feb 21st [Deck]

  ● Due: the "Tuesday" Sprint board

  ● Read: Accenture's white paper on AI

  ● DI Video: Burberry's

Thu. Feb 23st [Deck]
  ● Read: Yeomans, M. (2015).  What every manager should know about machine learning. HBR Jul.

  ● Prepare for the virtual guest speaker: Ken Finnegan (IDA Ireland)

  ● DI Video: Nike

  ● Fill and return: presentation day auction

Tue. Feb 28th [Deck]

  ● Refresh: Yeomans, M. (2015).  What every manager should know about machine learning. HBR Jul. (assigned for last week)

  ● DI Video: Amazon grocery

Thu. Mar. 2nd [Deck]

  ● Read: Top ten ethical issues in AI

  ● Watch or read transcript:  Autonomous drone set to revolutionize military technology  

  ● DI Video: Toyota

Tue. Mar 14th [Deck]

  ● Due: the "Wednesday" Sprint board

  ● Read: Eisenmann T. (2006). Strategies for two sided markets. HBR

  ● Read: the "Thursday" Chapter of the Sprint book

  ● DI Video: Tesla

Thu. Mar 16th [Deck]

  ● Read: Hagiu A. and Wright J. (2013). Do you really want to be an eBay? HBR

  ● Visit: the Floor - an Israeli innovation hub

  ● No video scheduled for today

Tue. Mar 21th [Deck]

  ● Read: articles on Virtual reality from Forbes (a), Forbes (b), and the Economist

  ● In-class guest: Jordan Higgins from Bytecubed. Jordan will offer an optional demo of the Hololens after class for anybody who is interested

  ● DI video: CocaCola Germany

Thu. Mar 23th [No deck]

  ● Read: D'Aveni, R. (2015).  The 3-D printing revolution. HBR

  ● Visit: UVA 3D printing lab.  Go directly to MAE Rm 216A (see map attached).  Teams 1-5 start at 3:30. Teams 7-10 start at 3:45.

Tue. Mar 28th [Deck]
  ● DI video: IBM/Watson AND Lego (yes, two videos)
  ● Due: the "Thursday" Sprint board
  ● No reading for the day

Thu Mar. 30th

  ● DI video: CVS Health
  ●  Read: the "Friday" chapters of the Sprint book, including the FAQs
  ●  Read: Bussgang, J. and Bebarak N. (2016). Every Company Needs a Growth Manager. HBR February
  ●  Watch: Growth hacking 

  ●  Read: wikipedia on product management.

Tue. Apr 04th
● Watch: blockchain video 1 and video 2

● Read: blockchain The Economist 1 and The Economist 2

● John Zeratsky and Jake Knapp (the book authors) are the virtual guests for the day!

On presentation day
  ● Due: the "Friday" Sprint board