Class Schedule

 DATE TOPICS (may be rearranged to fit the class needs) DECKS   HOMEWORK
Tue, Jan 15 Welcome!  Intro to the class, tools, and resources
No Homework due

Thu, Jan 17 The technology: Excel, VBA, Visual Studio, and SQL
Read Walkenbach 2016, Chapter 39. Reading requires a VPN if you are not on grounds. VB keyword dictionary - VBA keyword dictionary

Tue, Jan 22 Modeling financial processes:  Activity diagrams

Thu, Jan 24 Computational thinking: Control Structures

Tue, Jan 29 Computational thinking: Procedures


Thu, Jan 31 BI tools: SQL - Intro to SQL with the SmallBankDB

Tue, Feb 5 Data quality: manipulating data I - T-SQL keyword dictionary

Thu, Feb 7 Data quality: manipulating data  II

Tue, Feb 12 BI tools: SQL, VBA, and Excel I

Thu, Feb 14 SQL, VBA, and Excel II

Tue, Feb 19 SQL, VBA, and Excel III

Thu, Feb 21 BI Tools: Pivot tables -  Pivot tables fundamentals - Chapter 1-2


Tue, Feb 26 Introduction to the Hedge Tournament (Rulebook in sidebar)

Thu, Feb 28 Introduction to the Hedge Tournament (cont.)  
Tue, Mar 5 Options - The NASDAQ's options trading guide

Thu, Mar 7 Black Scholes computational fundamentals (same deck)


Tue, Mar 19 Financial strategies: Payoff curves

Thu, Mar 21 Financial strategies: Hedging

Tue, Mar 26 Implied volatility

Thu, Mar 28 Algo trading: hedging a portfolio

Tue, Apr 2 Algo trading: the smart hedger

Thu, Apr 4 Algo trading: timers

Tue, Apr 9 Advanced strategies: Gamma hedging and synthetics.

Thu, Apr 11 Advanced topics

Tue, Apr 16 Advanced topics

Thu, Apr 18 Advanced topics

Tue. Apr 23 THE MCINTIRE HEDGE TOURNAMENT: 5pm to 9pm, 3rd floor labs  
Thu Apr 25 No regular class

Tue Apr 30 *** Prizes, pictures, and lessons learned ***  5pm RRH 116


The Tournament

Some of the following links will be enabled later in the course.